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Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

We are absolutely thrilled to have you back on campus for a full schedule again! The entire staff at Payne is ready and excited to be starting a new school year in person with you and your students.The new school year is always a special time, no matter what age you are. There is a sense of a new beginning and great possibilities for the year ahead. This year is no exception!


Parent Handbook:  Still have questions about starting the year?  Please read the Payne Parent Handbook for all kinds of important site-based information.  Please understand that some of the information in the Parent Handbook is flexible and/or TBD this year due to the unpredictable circumstances.


Mrs. Advincula (our Site Learning Coordinator) and I are looking forward to another amazing school year working with our fabulous staff, enthusiastic students, and supportive community. Working together is the key to success, and communication helps make that happen. In addition to the Parent Handbook, communication is provided through our website, the Payne Panther newsletter, Home & School Club information, classroom newsletters, and flyers about community events and after school programs. In an effort to reduce environmental and financial costs, beginning in the Fall of 2018, all of our school information was delivered digitally, with a link sent to your email address. If you would prefer paper copies of newsletters and flyers, visit the Payne School office.


Thank you to everyone who has helped to get this year started at Payne., It's sure to be full of learning, fun and adventure



"Nothing is impossible at Payne School" 


Katie Berg

Principal, Payne Elementary School