Payne Elementary School

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Distinguished School Award
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Panther Pride

Panther Pledge 


“We are responsible and respectful.

We are here to learn.

We are honest and kind.

We are the best that we can be.

Nothing is impossible at PayneSchool!”


Thumbs up Panther

Panther Pact ~ Payne School

Location Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible

Library & Computer Lab



-Walk quietly and calmly

-Sit in one spot

-Keep hands, feet and objects to self

-Use quiet voices

-Use materials appropriately

-Eyes and ears on reader

-Follow adult directions

-Put things back where they belong

-Wait for signal





-Walk quietly and calmly

-Sit in assigned area

-Sit on bottom

-Keep hands, feet and objects to self

-Use good audience manners

-Clap appropriately for everyone

-Eyes on the speaker

-Wait for signals

-Be good listeners





-Walk to counter

-Keep hands and feet to self

-Use polite words

-Wait quietly for adult

-Enter only with permission

-Use kind polite words

-Stay within designated boundaries

-Bring office pass





-Always walk

-Stay to the right facing forward

-Walk in line(s) as a group

-Keep hands, feet and objects to self

-Use quiet voices

-Follow adult directions

-Stay on walk ways

Drop Off and Pick Up




- Keep hands, feet and objects to self

- Stay in assigned area

- Watch for moving vehicles

- Walk to class

- Follow adult directions

- Wait patiently

- Respect arriving and ending times

- Wait behind safety lines

- Line up in designated area

- Use sidewalks and crosswalks

- While waiting to be picked up, sit on retaining wall




- Walk quietly, to and from lunch

- Keep hands, feet and objects to self

- Keep both hands on tray

- Stand in line

- Wait your turn

- Stay seated until excused

- Clean up lunch area

- Throw away all trash





- Keep hands, feet and objects to self

- Play approved games only

- Stay in boundaries

- Running games on field 

- Include everyone

- Talk it out

- Share and use equipment properly

- Use kind words 

- Stop when whistle blows

- Play by school rules

- Follow adult directions

- Walk calmly back to class after the whistle blows 




- Keep hands, feet and objects to self

- Wash hands

- Keep floor clean and dry

- Respect privacy

- Use quiet voices

- Wait for your turn

- Flush toilet after use

- Return to classroom right away

- The bathroom is not a place play