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Halloween Parade

Payne will celebrate Halloween on Wednesday, October 31st.

Our parade begins immediately at 8:30. We invite families to stay and watch the parade. Some hallways will be blocked off to provide a safe path for the parade. Please keep these areas free.

Students participating in the parade should wear their costume on top of their clothes when they come to school in the morning. Students will remove their costume after the parade. Please send your child with a bag to ensure the costume is kept safe and clean for Trick or Treating that evening.  


Please keep the following rules in mind when selecting a costume to bring to school:

  • Costumes may not include a mask that obstructs a student's vision. This will keep everyone safe during the parade.
  • Disguises may not have blood, clotted blood or weapons. We do not want to scare young children on campus nor do we want to encourage any type of violence in school.
  • Adults on campus, including during the parade, may not wear masks. It is important that we are able to identify all adults on campus..
  • All costumes AND accessories must be removed and stored before recess.

Halloween activities may continue in the classroom after the parade and end before recess. Your child's teacher will provide details about any celebrations in the classroom.

Any students not participating in Halloween activities will go to the library during the parade and classroom activities, joining their class at recess. Thank you for your help.